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Welcome to Massage Extra & Wellness Center, a massage clinic with a difference. Your community one-stop choice for professional massage services in a comfortable and relaxed environment. We are specialized in delivering an exceptional massage services:· 


Swedish Massage . Deep Tissue Massage. Reflexology. Aromatherapy massage. Hot Stone Massage. Prenatal Massage.      


Motor Vehicle Accident Post-Event Massage. Sports Post-Event Massage. Body Wrap. Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Myofascial Massage & Cupping. Facial Massage. 

Your First Visit Massage is only $79.99! Call to book now: 780-863-5011

We have seasoned Registered Massage Therapist with insurance receipts. Direct billing is available.
Payment is received by cash, debit (Interac) or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard).

Massage Advantages

  • Boost Relaxation and Stress Relief
  • Decrease Muscular Tension
  • Reduces Aches, Stiffness and the Associated Discomfort
  • Increase Sleep Quality
  • Assist to Reduce Anxiety
  • Improve Range of Motion in Joints
  • Speed Up Recovery Time from Exercise
  • Stimulate Blood and Lymph Circulation
  • Help in Flushing Toxins from the Body
  • Enhance Immune System Functions
  • Increase Overall Energy Flow and Sense of Wellbeing

Appointment Preparation

  1. Provide buffer time in your schedule so that you are not rushed to your appointment.
  2. Put your cellphone in silent mode to avoid the beeps you know you are going to want to check.
  3. Avoid eating food just before your massage, but also do not come in hungry.
  4. Have several long deep breaths even before you walk into the clinic.
  5. Make sure that your restroom duties have been fulfilled prior to your treatment.
  6. If your inner mind cannot relax into the treatment, try focusing on what muscles your therapist is working on and concentrating on how the work feels on your muscles.

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